Java on Google App Engine

Posted July 17th, 2010 in Development and tagged , , , , , , , , , by Greg Bayer

A few thoughts from my first test of Google App Engine.

My goal was to put up a prototype java web app for pushing email alerts based on RSS content (more to come on the full idea). Unfortunately, it took much longer than I expected to get things going (longer than my web app protoype took to write) – leaving me feeling a bit disappointed.  On the up side,  the app has been running quite well for about a week now.


  1. free for small tests
  2. includes java hosting (my host didn’t)
  3. nice that most things just worked (see below) – account, eclipse plugin, local test, deploy, running app, stats/logs
  4. promisses to be automatically scalable – very nice
  5. Built in access to Cron, Memcache, and even Big Table / MapReduce type services


  1. sandboxed java environment
  2. harder to debug – especially libraries which behave differently in sandbox
  3. logging – not as stupidly simple as it should have been out of the box
  4. had to roll back to more basic rss event library – due to lack of support for threading
  5. testing email alerts didn’t work locally – no way to configure in eclipse plugin

Thoughts?  Please share your comments below.