iAd Development

Posted June 23rd, 2010 in Opportunities and tagged , , , by Greg Bayer

With the introduction of the new iAd platform, will undoubtedly come new opportunities.  Lets take a quick look at who might benefit:

  • Application developers: Apple will be paying up to 10x current mobile ad market rates for displaying an iAd!
  • Advertisers: More interactive capabilities than ever before.  With higher prices, will they see a good ROI?
  • Apple: Takes a 40% piece of whatever pie comes to pass.  Projected to be up to 50% of mobile ad market!
  • iAd developer: Scarce resource, at least in the beginning. High demand.  Opportunity foot in mobile/interactive ads door.

Thoughts?  Please share your comments below.

  • iAds haven’t quite become what I expected. However, interactive ads are certainly becoming more common. In the next few years most advertising will start to go in this direction.