Pulse News is Hiring!

Posted December 10th, 2010 in Pulse and tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , by Greg Bayer

A few months ago I mentioned that I left the government/research world (Sandia Labs) and joined an exciting new startup.   I’d like to share a bit more about my experience so far and announce that we are hiring!

Those who have worked at a large company and then moved to startup can probably relate to my experience.  First, without a doubt, the most motivating and fun part about working at Pulse is seeing the impact of my work. And I don’t mean just having someone say “Good Job” or receiving a strong performance review, I mean seeing thousands of people USE the results of your work and submit feedback about how it benefitted their lives.  At Pulse, this experience is magnified by the fact that we release new product features every two weeks, and not ever quarter, or every year!

In addition to really seeing the impact of your work at Pulse, another benefit I never knew I was missing in the corporate world is the feeling of being a part of a tight-nit team where everyone is giving 110% towards reaching the same goal.  This is something that is rarely found outside the startup world and should not be underestimated in its ability to improve productivity and genuine enjoyment of work. Imagine you and your coworkers are always committed to the same goals and never distracted by office politics or personal agendas.  How often does that happen in your current job?

Finally, at Pulse both the impact of your work and great team dynamics are highly leveraged.  In the corporate world great project outcomes or solid team building commonly result in a plus mark on the rating form and a promotion in three to five years.  How motivating is this for the most capable employees?  The impact of their work, which in the computer science world can easily be many times that of other employees, is muffled by ridged performance review and compensation structures.  In a startup, this muffling effect is removed.  Everyone accepts slightly lower fixed compensation up front in exchange for the chance to turn hard work into a big reward down the line.  This reward is directly tied to the impact your work has and how well the team works together.  Now everyone is properly incentivized to give their all, and giving your all for something you believe in is inherently rewarding!

Check out the official Pulse Blog and our hiring post there.  Here are some of the postions we are currently looking to fill.


iOS developer: Our iPad/iPhone platform continues to be our most active platform. We’re looking for a developer to join our iOS team, which currently consists of Ankit (our co-founder) and Dr. Tyler (yes, he has a PhD from NYU).

  • We don’t care much about your college, your major or your GPA.
  • We do care about your experience with the iOS platform. Ideally, you have already developed and launched an app in the store. You prototype features rapidly and iterate on the design even more rapidly – while writing clean code.

Web developer: Pulse currently does not have much of a web presence. We hacked a WordPress theme to build our current website. We use Posterous for our blog. For the rest, we depend on Get Satisfaction, Facebook, Twitter and the likes. You will be leading our charge on the web!

  • We don’t care much about your college, your major or your GPA.
  • We do care about your experience with web. Ideally, you are experienced in writing HTML/CSS/Javascript (GWT is a bonus!). You’re also familiar with either Django, PHP/Python, AppEngine, RoR or other frameworks. You love making beautiful websites or web applications. Huge bonus if you’ve already made some.

Drop us a line at or feel free to ping me directly at gb [at]