Scaling with the Kindle Fire

Posted December 1st, 2011 in Pulse and tagged , , , , by Greg Bayer

Earlier this week I wrote a guest post for the Google App Engine Blog on how Pulse has scaled-up our backend infrastructure to prepare for the recent Kindle Fire launch.

The Kindle Fire includes Pulse as one of the only preloaded apps and is projected to sell over five million units this quarter alone. This meant we had to prepare for nearly doubling our user-base in a very short period. We also needed to be ready for spikes in load due to press events and the holiday season.

To learn more about our architecture on Google App Engine, how we dealt with the recent App Engine pricing changes, and how we prepared for an expected increase of 5M+ users, check out the original post. You can also find the original post on Pulse’s Engineering Blog and some additional analysis from on GigaOM.